No. 77.
Mr. Foote to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 103.]

Sir: Since my arrival here I have on one or two occasions received visits from the French Catholic priests stationed in Corea. Taking care that the fact of such visits was made known to His Majesty, I have, also, from time to time, freely expressed my opinion in regard to religious liberty, saying that it was one of the fundamental principles of our Government that every man should have the right to worship God [Page 128] according to the dictates of his own conscience, and that all persecution tor opinion’s sake was held in utter abhorrence. In July last the Rev. R. S. Maclay, D. D., a Protestant missionary stationed many years in the East, visited Corea, with the view, if possible, of establishing a mission school and hospital. During his stay at Seôul he was a guest at this legation, and the object of his visit was freely discussed. There seemed to be no serious objection, and since his departure I have received the assurance of His Majesty that not only will no obstacle be thrown in the way, but that the establishment of a mission school and hospital at Seoul will be tacitly encouraged.

I have, &c.,