No. 53.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Cheng Tsao Ju.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 16th instant, stating that the Chinese Government has temporarily suspended, with a view to adopting a more perfect measure, the issue of emigration certificates to those of her subjects who are entitled to visit the United States pursuant to the treaty of November 17, 1880, with China, and the act of Congress approved May 6, 1882, to carry into effect the provisions of that treaty.

I am desired by the President to say that he sees in the present action of the Chinese Government that spirit of international comity which, while creditable to the dignity of a friendly power like China, for whom we entertain the most cordial feelings, cannot but receive the [Page 106] approbation of the Government and people of the United States, as it undoubtedly will.

I have had pleasure in transmitting copies of your note to the chairmen of the Committees on Foreign Relations and Foreign Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, and to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Accept, &c.,