No. 465.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Baker.

No. 8.]

Sir: I have received your Nos. 993 and 994, of the 28th and 29th ultimo, respectively, touching the case of Mr. John Dalton, and have to approve your action, reported in the latter of these dispatches, in addressing Mr. Henderson, vice-consul at Ciudad Bolivar, with a view of ascertaining definitely young Mr. Dalton’s nationality. In obtaining further information upon that point, it may also be well to ascertain, if possible, whether young Dalton submitted voluntarily to the order of the President of Venezuela, as a member of the firm of which his deceased father was the head, and without protest. This fact, if established, may affect any argument founded on the assumption that young Dalton suffered vicariously.

I am, &c.,