No. 452.
Mr. Baker to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 902.]

Sir.: Referring to my No. 892, of date 10th instant, relative to an order for the arrest of Mr. John Dalton, United States consul at Ciudad Bolivar, and others, I now write to say that I find it absolutely impossible to send a full report of the case by the present mail. There are some things which Mr. Seijas refers to in his note on the subject which I wish to look at before writing my answer, and which I have not yet had an opportunity to examine. I wish to make no possible mistake in the matter.

I have not yet received any communication on the subject from Mr. Dalton, and have to-day written him a dispatch, informing him of the prompt action which I took with the view of preventing his arrest; that I am left, however, to infer from the order, and from Mr. Seijas’ note that he has actually been arrested; and telling him that, if he has not already done so, he should as soon as practicable make a full report of the matter to the Department of State and to this legation. I will communicate further on the subject as soon as possible.

I am, &c.,