No. 436.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Wallace.

No. 192.]

Sir: Your No. 381, of the 25th ultimo, has been received. It is difficult to see what further steps can be presently taken to press the case of Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds. No more positive assurances could be asked or given than those furnished to you by the minister for foreign affairs that every effort is in progress to procure the arrest of Moussa Bey, and that the delinquent officials concerned in the previous failure of justice in this regard have been removed.

The statement of Mr. Eyres, British vice-consul at Yan, that “zaptiehs were sent to arrest him, but Moussa Bey refused to accompany them, and the zaptiehs returned without effecting their purpose” is not inconsistent with a possibility that the arresting party may not have been strong enough to attempt the seizure of Moussa by force at his own residence.

Further events can only determine whether any fresh proofs of delinquency in the proceedings against Moussa are to be added to those of which we already think we have such good cause to complain. It is very desirable that you should continue to receive, in a friendly way, such information touching events at Bitlis as the British vice-consul may chance to report, and I have no doubt that Lord Dufferin will, in this respect, continue to extend to you his marked courtesy, which this Government highly appreciates.

I am, &c.,