No. 434.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 381.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit copies of papers touching the affair of Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds; one, from the minister of foreign affairs, conveying the idea that the authorities of Bitlis have been making extraordinary exertions to bring Moussa Bey to justice, and that they are now making such exertions and mean to continue them; the other is a copy of an official report from Her Britannic Majesty’s vice-counsel at Van, which states that the zaptiehs sent to arrest Moussa found him, but let him go. For the latter I am indebted to Lord Dufferin.

* * * * * * *

Very respectfully, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 381.—Translation.]

Assim Pasha to Mr. Wallace.

Monsieur l’Envoyé: To follow the note from my department dated the 20th of last March, No. 73964, 11, relative to the affair of Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds, I have the honor to inform your excellency that the judicial authorities of Bitlis, to whom the Minister of Justice had addressed by telegraph most urgent recommendations, have just answered him that, notwithstanding all their efforts the inquiries and investigations made by them had not yet obtained the desired result, but that they would be [Page 564] continued with the greatest energy. In presence of this situation the department of justice has thought proper to ask to have the papers concerning this affair sent to Constantinople to have them submitted to the minute examination, and to satisfy itself of the manner in which the inquest had been conducted. Meanwhile it has not failed to renew to the competent authorities categorical orders to exert the greatest activity to obtain the solution justice has in view.

In reserving to make known to your excellency future information I may receive concerning this affair, I beg you to be persuaded that the Imperial Government will not lose sight of this affair.

Accept, &c.,

[Inclosure 2 in No. 381.]

Mr. Eyres to Lieutenant-Colonel W. Everett.

Sir: I have received news from Bitlis to the effect that Meza Bey, father of Moussa Bey, has been dismissed from his post of Caimma kam, of Modkan. The defterdar of Bitlis, Husseim Bey, has also been dismissed.

The governor-general, Arif Pasha, lately sent a summons to Moussa Bey to appear before the criminal court and stand his trial for the attack on the American missionaries. No attention was paid to this summons, and zaptiehs were sent to arrest him, but Moussa Bey refused to accompany them, and the zaptiehs returned without effecting their purpose.

I have &c.,