No. 424.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 353.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy and translation of a communication from the imperial ministry of foreign affairs, No. 73964, 11, relative to Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds.

[Page 551]

Availing myself of the first opportunity to see his highness, the minister, last Thursday, I directed his attention to the business and begged to know of him if the authorities were doing anything to accomplish the punishment of Moussa Bey. While the conversation was in progress he sent for the note, which is inclosed by copy, and delivered it to me. The communication will doubtless be read with interest. The impression it produced upon me was such that, speaking in moderation, I will be more than ever surprised if Moussa Bey is brought to trial. It would seem that he was discharged from custody, and that now the greatest exertion is being made to accomplish his rearrest.

The remark that I know the circumstances which prevented the detention of the Kurd, is a reference to the assertion of the governor of Bitlis, heretofore reported to you, that when Mr. Knapp was confronted with the man he failed to identify him, an assertion in which I have not the slightest faith.

Whatever my own views of the outcome of the new effort to secure Moussa Bey and punish him may be, I beg you to be assured that your instructions are received as definitive of my duty.

Very respectfully, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 353.—Translation.]

Aarifi Pasha to Mr. Wallace.

Monsieur l’Envoyé: By my note of the 27th of last February, No. 73709, 7, I had the honor to assure your excellency that the imperial authorities would continue to make every effort to accelerate the progress of the Knapp-Reynolds affair.

Your excellency knows the circumstances which prevented our keeping Moussa Bey and the other prisoners under arrest.

A telegram received to-day from the governor-general of the vilayet of Bitlis, addressed to the ministry of the interior, says that in consequence of further orders given by the competent authorities agents have been dispatched to all parts of the province to pursue and arrest these individuals.

Your excellency will notice by the preceding that nothing has been neglected in order that justice may take its natural course promptly. I shall, moreover, keep you informed of all communications we may receive on this subject from the authorities of Bitlis.

I seize, &c.,