No. 413.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Wallace.

No. 148.]

Sir: I have received Mr. Heap’s dispatch, No. 303, of the 15th ultimo, relative to the complaint of Messrs. Knapp and Reynolds, who were assaulted by brigands in Armenia in May, 1883.

In response to Mr. Heap’s request for additional instructions, I have to say that this Government regards the case of those gentlemen as clearly made out and the identification of the principal assailant as complete. Under these circumstances it would be entirely incompatible with this Government’s sense of dignity to attempt to support by argument what is so patent as to need no such support, or to make appeal to Turkish sense of equity and good-will when the aggrieved parties have the fullest right to justice. Consequently, no additional instructions will be given, but the case should, upon the facts as they are known and understood by your legation, be energetically renewed and pressed to a just and speedy conclusion.

I am, &c.,