No. 4.
Mr. Osborn to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 422.]

Sir: The Liberal party claims to have achieved a splendid triumph in Congress to-day over the Clerical party.

At the last session the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill providing that in the schools of the national capital there should be no sectarian test or teaching. The Senate rejected the bill, and the matter went over until the present session.

The Chamber of Deputies insisted upon its bill by a vote of forty-eight to eight; as the Senate to-day could not reject by a two-thirds vote, with the approval of the President, which it will doubtless receive, it will become a law.

In case of a disagreement of the chambers, the proceedings differ from ours. Here, either chamber of Congress having passed a bill which the other chamber disapproves, may insist upon its passing, and in such case it becomes a law unless two-thirds of the other and disapproving chamber should reject it.

I have, &c.,