No. 303.
Mr. Phelps to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 149.]

Sir: The Government is expecting information to-day or to-morrow of the result of the movement of its forces against Trujillo, where the Caceristos have been awaiting attack, but they had meanwhile revolted against Dr. Puga, deposing him, and calling one Elias to the chief command. This is said to have strengthened them with the people of Trujillo, who had become greatly dissatisfied with Puga while opposed to this Government and in entire sympathy with Caceres. Elias is one of the men recently banished by the Government from Lima. He is said to have 1,600 men with few rounds of ammunition, and the Government 1,800 men with abundance of supplies.

Beyond the fact that Caceres had reached Arequipa and had been well received we have little intelligence from the south of Peru.

The closing of the port of Mollendo is still effective, but the merchants there have published a protest.

Constant accounts of pillaging, robberies, murders, and other atrocities reach us from all quarters of the country, but Lima and vicinity are perfectly quiet and orderly.

I am, &c.,