No. 151.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that Her Majesty’s Government has been informed by the acting British agent at Zanzibar of the capture of a slave dhow with one hundred and forty-nine slaves on board, by the King of Johanna, whose loyal action in this affair is much praised.

King Abdallah states that he had examined the owner and captain of the dhow, who affirmed that he had brought the slaves for Dr. Wilson, an American citizen owning an estate called “Patsy” in Zanzibar.

The slaves captured and freed were mostly Maknas, shipped by a slave-dealer residing at Angona, on the Mozambique coast.

I inclose herewith a printed copy of the statement taken by King Johanna, and Earl Granville has, in consequence, requested me to bring to your notice the conduct of Dr. Wilson.

Feeling assured that you will cause strict inquiry to be made into the truth of these assertions,

I have. &c.,


P. S.—I should feel obliged if you would kindly return the statement herewith inclosed.