No. 129.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Everett.

No. 278.]

Sir: It appears by a cable dispatch published in a morning journal of New York on the 6th ultimo that recently the Bavarian authorities have forced two proselyting elders to surrender their mission and to depart from the country.

Inasmuch as the Mormons, exercising polygamy and making it a part of their religious creed, constantly increase in numbers by reason of accessions from Europe recruited by emissaries from Utah in foreign countries, any steps taken by the German authorities to repress the organization of these unlawful enterprises by agents who are thus operating beyond the reach of the law of the United States should be recognized as in the interest of peace and morality.

You are instructed, therefore, to make an official investigation in the premises, to ascertain whether any steps having such an object in view, have been taken by the German authorities.

In case you find that such steps have been taken, you are directed to promptly recognize the act in the sense indicated, and report the circumstances in full to this Department.

I am, &c.,