No. 114.
Mr. Roustan to Mr. Frelinghuysen.


Mr. Secretary of State: As you are aware, the President of the French Republic, by a decree bearing date of the 27th of November last, and issued at the suggestion of the minister of commerce, revoked the decree of February 18, 1881, which prohibited the importation of salt pork from the United States.

In adopting this measure the Government of the Republic was influenced [Page 186] by various considerations, and especially wished to furnish evidence of its sincere desire to promote as far as possible the development of commercial relations between the two countries.

However, in compliance with a wish expressed by the Chamber of Deputies in consequence of an interpellation which took place during the session of December 22, the French Government has been obliged to suspend for the present the execution of the decree of November 27.

In informing me of this fact, the president of the council adds that a bill has been introduced in the Chamber which is designed to regulate the importation of salt pork from the United States, and that the Government will hasten the discussion of this bill as much as possible.

The meat in question will, as a temporary measure, be permitted to enter the ports of Havre, Bordeaux, and Marseilles until January 20, 1884, although previously to being sold it will be subjected to an examination.

I hasten, Mr. Secretary of State, to bring the foregoing information to your notice.

Accept, &c.,