No. 94.
Mr. Scruggs to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 28.]

Sir: After a continuous session of nearly eight months, the Colombian Congress adjourned on the evening of the 18th instant, to meet again in regular session on the 1st of February next. The session which has thus come to a close lasted nearly five months in excess of the maximum limit prescribed by the Colombian constitution. * * *

Among the enactments, however; which received the executive sanction is the law No. 73, authorizing the President to enter into a contract with the De Lesseps Canal Company whereby that company shall be authorized to introduce into the State of Panama new silver coins of the denomination of $1 each (of 90 per cent. pure silver) to the amount of $1,000,000. The new coins are to be made in the mints of some foreign Government, but are to bear the stamp, arms, &c., of Colombia, as specified in the coinage laws of the Republic. This privilege is to continue eight months from the date of the contract provided for, and fo [Page 223] which the company is to pay to the Government 4 per cent. on the gross amount introduced. The sum thus received by the Executive is to be expended in the purchase of machinery, &c., for the use of the national mint of the Republic.

I have, &c.,