No. 601.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Baker.

No. 253.]

Sir: I am constrained to again call your attention to the case of Mr. John E. Wheelock, the particulars of which are well known to you. I allude to the more important of the instructions addressed to your legation during the past few years, as showing the character of the wrong done Mr. Wheelock. Several of these instructions have been made public in the volume of Foreign Relations for 1880, and your attention is especially invited to the instruction of Mr. Evarts of October 15, 1880, No. 91, wherein the character of the wrong is set forth and the position of this Government defined. Besides the instructions of my predecessors, I have, as the records of your legation will show, endeavored to fortify their views in the hope that the Venezuelan Government could be induced to extend to Mr. Wheelock that measure of justice which this Government thinks is appropriate toward one of its citizens.

You will therefore press Mr. Wheelock’s case in every proper and legitimate way, in the endeavor to reach a satisfactory conclusion, and will strive to impress upon the minister for foreign affairs the importance of disposing of a question in which the representations of the United States are supported by so many equitable considerations.

This Government had every reason to expect that Venezuela would recognize the just moderation of Mr. Wheelock’s claim, and the delays which have retarded its satisfactory adjustment are not only harsh toward the claimant, but under the circumstances of the complete failure of justice as toward the perpetrator of the wrong they seem positively unfriendly to his Government.

It would materially aid in settling pending discussions if Venezuela were to heed our just complaint and dispose of this case by awarding condign and exemplary punishment to the author of so revolting a prostitution of the power of the law he administered, and by tendering to Mr. Wheelock some adequate reparation for the unlawful injury he suffered.

You will suitably communicate these views to the Venezuelan Government.

Awaiting your report concerning the same,

I am, &c.,