No. 580.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Baker.

No. 196.]

Sir: Referring to the Department instruction of the 27th of September last, No. 183, relative to the claim of Mr. John E. Wheelock against the Government of Venezuela, and to your dispatch of the 7th ultimo in reply to that instruction, I desire to bring the subject again to your attention. The facts and circumstances which gave rise to this claim were brought to your notice in detail by the instruction of my predecessor, Mr. Evarts, of the 15th of October, 1880, No. 91, and it is unnecessary to do more than refer you to that instruction in regard to them. I fully concur in its suggestion, and, in view of the facts as they are before the Department and before your legation, find myself at no loss to account for the earnestness and urgency of the claimant in regard to its settlement. In a case like this, presenting, as it does, the clearest evidences of unusual cruelty and outrage to a citizen of the United States by a civil officer of the Venezuelan Government, in regard to which the Department has expressed itself so clearly, it is expected that you will, in the spirit of the instructions which you have received, exert your efforts with earnestness and energy to secure for the claim a prompt hearing and a reasonably speedy adjustment. You are the representative of this Government to that of Venezuela. Your residence at the capital of that republic affords you opportunities of almost daily intercourse with the minister of foreign relations. Opportune moments may be taken advantage of by you for calling his attention to the unusual and what may seem unnecessary delays in responding to your communications in matters intrusted to your care and attention by your own Government.

* * * * * * *

It is desired that you will give such attention to this claim as will secure for it an early adjustment and settlement by the Government of Venezuela.

I am, &c.,