No. 542.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 218.]

Sir: A short time ago, through the interpreter of the legation, I made verbal application to the imperial minister of public instruction for a permit to reprint the Holy Bible and Testament in Arabic. This was in behalf of the American Bible Society, whose editions in that language are about exhausted. At the same time Mr. Wyndham, H. B. M.’s charge d’affaires here, acting for the corresponding British society, presented a like request to the same official. The note verbal herewith inclosed by copy is the result. It is to be presumed a similar answer has been returned to my colleague.

Immediately upon receipt of the note I made haste to transmit a copy of it to the Bible House, with an explanation, of which a copy is also inclosed. Until I have answer from the Bible House I shall take no further step in the business. Fortunately there is at this moment a convention in session in Stamboul, composed of a greater part of the American missionaries at work in Turkey. The question of acceptance of the permit will receive full consideration and be wisely determined. I have no doubt it will be promptly rejected.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 218.—Translation.]

note verbale.

In reply to the takrir which the legation of the United States of America addressed to him on the 13th of February last, the minister of foreign affairs has the honor to inform it that the department of public instruction has decided to grant the authorization asked for the printing of Bibles and Testaments, on the condition that the cover and the first page of each book shall contain the notice “For the use of Protestants,” a condition which will be inspected in its execution.

The imperial minister begs the legation of the United States of America to communicate this decisionto the agencies of the Bible House, and to invite them to address the council of public instruction to obtain the authorization required.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 218.]

Mr. Wallace to Bev. Mr. Pettibone.

My Dear Sir: I inclose a copy of a communication received yesterday from the Porte relating to reprinting the Bible and Testament. Be good enough to submit it to the brethren interested, and give me a report of their wishes, the question being whether or not to accept the authorization, with the condition attached.

I am, &c.,