No. 540.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 211.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose a copy of a communication addressed to the minister of foreign affairs upon the subject of the attack upon the house of Rev. Mr. Cole, of Erzingen, vilayet of Erzroom. You will doubtless observe it is the third one touching that affair.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 211.]

Mr. Wallace to Aarifi Pasha.

No. 159.]

Highness: In view of the assurances given me, and repeated by your highness, that the persons engaged in the attack upon the house of Rev. Mr. Cole, in Erzingen, vilayet of Erzroom, should be discovered and punished, I regret to find it necessary to bring that affair to your attention the third time.

This legation has information, under date of the 14th April instant, that no action in the matter has been taken by the local government since the receipt of your highnesses several communications containing the aforesaid assurances. Previously thereto there had been a so-called investigation, in which neither the parties whose premises were invaded nor any of their witnesses were called or permitted to testify, a one-sided procedure which I think myself justified in denouncing as a scheme intended to screen the wrong-doers from punishment. In the hope that the higher court at Erzroom may be constituted of officers more enlightened in the law and more honorable in its administration, the parties attacked have appealed to it, and on the appeal so taken the business is at present resting. Your highness, having a disposition to prevent lawlessness in the Empire, and see that justice is done, will perceive the opportunity here offered to make examples. I wait with renewed interest to see if anything will come of the orders which I am led to believe have been in fact issued in behalf of the Sublime Porte.

I avail, &c.,