No. 531.
Mr. Davis to Mr. Wallace.

No. 47.]

Sir: Mr. Heap’s dispatch No. 147 and yours No. 158, of the 2d and 25th ultimo, respectively, relating to the release at your intercession of live Greeks imprisoned at Janina, have been received. It is always pleasing to this Government to observe on the part of another deference to a spirit of clemency in the execution of the harsh dictates of military justice; and it is especially pleasing when such action responds to a natural expression of sympathy on the part of the representative of this Government. It is trusted that, should occasion require your intercession in behalf of American interests at any time, your exertions will be no less favorably received.

* * * * * * *

Possibly the cheerful compliance of the Turkish Government with your request in this case may foreshadow a better disposition on its part toward American interests which may be affected by the allegation of native prerogatives over them, and in the assumption that this is so your course is approved.

I have sent copies of both dispatches to Mr. Schuyler for the information of the Hellenic Government.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.