No. 529.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 168.]

Sir: Upon a statement of facts furnished me by Rev. Henry C. 13wight, of this city, I have addressed a note to the minister of foreign affairs, of which a copy is inclosed.

The wrong disclosed is of a kind not to be neglected. In my judgment the only policy to be pursued in such cases is to see that the offenders are promptly and vigorously pursued to some kind of punishment, if only to give notice to the disturbing elements of the locality that somebody has an eye to the rights and personal safety of exposed foreigners. The reply of the Porte is also inclosed.

Very respectfully, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 168.]

Mr. Wallace to Aarifi Pasha.

No. 144.]

Highness: Permit me to bring the following affair to your notice:

In May, 1882, a house in the city of Erzingan, vilayet of Erzroom, was purchased as a residence for Rev. Mr. R. M. Cole, an American citizen in the service of the American Board of Missions, and pending Mr. Cole’s arrival at Erzingan it was placed in charge of Mr. Hobamus Keverkian, a Turkish subject in the employ of Mr. Cole.

Late in the night of August 19, 1883, before Mr. Cole’s arrival, an armed mob of about one hundred Armenians, led by some of the substantial men of the city, made an unprovoked attack upon the house, discharging fire-arms, using violence towards some of the inmates, and leveling to the ground the wall of the inclosure in which the house stands. Representations have been made to the local government by Mr. Cole, but without as yet getting the police authorities to give any attention to the breach of the peace. In fact, he has used all effort to obtain justice in the case, but in vain.

That your highness will view this wrong to an inoffensive man in its proper light I do not doubt, nor do I doubt that justice will be meted out to the offenders. The steps to be taken are left to your highness’s enlightened judgment.

I avail, &c.,

[Inclosure 2 in No. 168.]

Aarifi Pasha to Mr. Wallace.

Sir: I received the note which your excellency was good enough to address to me on the 25th of this month, No. 144, relative to the complaint made by the reverend father, Mr. Cole, an American citizen, living at Erzingan, against some Armenians.

The necessary communications were immediately sent by telegraph to the imperial authorities of the vilayet of Erzroom. I shall not fail to inform your excellency of their reply as soon as it is received.

I avail, &c.,