No. 521.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Wallace.

No. 33.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 134 of the 15th ultimo, presenting the case of Dr. Frederick L. Kingsbury, an American citizen, under proceedings [Page 816]for the practice of medicine in Bulgaria without a license, has had careful consideration, with especial reference to the points you set forth touching the relations of the United States to Bulgaria as far as they concern the protection of American interests in that principality.

Answering your inquiries, I am of the opinion that, in the absence of formal declaration by the Porte that Bulgarian autonomy extends to the diplomatic intercourse of that state with foreign powers, our existing treaty with Turkey should be invoked on behalf of American interests there, if the case should arise, and further, that we should ask the treatment of the most favored nation in their behalf.

Dr. Kingsbury’s case, however, does not seem to be one likely to bring up the question for practical settlement.

There appears to be little doubt that he has technically infringed the local law governing the practice of medicine in Bulgaria. The indefinite postponement of proceedings against him relieves his case of embarrassing features, and your efforts may now be directed solely to supporting his reasonable application for a proper license. Should the proceedings against Dr. Kingsbury be revived, you will take such steps for his protection as your judgment may indicate. In all this there is no objection to your availing yourself of the good offices of Lord Dufferin, whose courtesy hitherto in this matter is warmly appreciated. I desire that you will take an appropriate occasion to thank his lordship.

I am, &c.,