No. 465.
Mr. Francis to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 23.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a summary of the Portuguese budget for the fiscal year 1883–1884, as presented to the Cortes by Señor Fontes, minister of finance, on the 5th instant. The items embrace estimates for the year and indicate a deficit in the receipts to cover expenditures of a comparatively small amount, greatly less than in any former year for a long time back.

Another report by the minister of finance not yet submitted to the Cortes will show the present condition of the treasury and the amount of the floating debt.

The present debt of Portugal is about $435,000,000, upon which annual interest of about $14,000,000 is paid. I do not give the precise sums for the reason that no official statements of them have been made, but the amounts named very nearly approximate to the fact.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 23.—Translation.]

Portuguese budget for 1883–1884.

The budget of the ordinary expenditures of the state and metropolis for the years 1883–1884, with the respective receipts calculated according to the system of accounts now in force.


Junta of public credit, interest on internal debt 6,259,734$115
External dept 5,837,574$251
On titles to consolidated debt held by treasury (961. 018$589) 13,058,326$955
Ministry of foreign affairs 312,294$859
Ministry of Interior 2,169,602$572
Ministry of justice 683,716$537
Ministry of war 4,585,172$055
Ministry of marine and colonies 1,722,484$696
Ministry of public works 2,766,929$712
Ministry of finance 6,237,353$776
($34,004,751) 31,485,881$162


Direct taxation 6,242,050$000
Indirect taxation 16,397,150$000
Stamps and registrations 3,437,000$000
“Additional tax” imposed by law April 27, 1882 1,084,000$000
Various receipts and public property 2,985,081$000
Overdue taxes 1,071,309$000
($33,723,717) 31,226,590$000
Difference 259,291$162

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Receipts, Portuguese money 31,226,590.162
Expenditures, Portuguese money 31,485,881.162
Excess of expenditures, Portuguese money 259,291.162
Expenditures, American money $34,004,751
Receipts, American money 33,723,717
Excess of expenditures, American money 281.03