No. 382.
Mr. Smyth to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 19.]

Sir: It is my painful duty to advise you of the resignation of the office of President of Liberia by Hon. Anthony W. Gardner on account of the incurable condition of his health, which wholly unfits him for the discharge of the duties of his office.

This information has been conveyed to me by note from secretary of state, received January 16, 1883.

I have to inform you that Hon. W. H. Roe, who has been secretary of the treasury during the Presidency of Mr. Gardner, has resigned also.

Mr. Roe’s successor has been appointed and confirmed—Mr. Moore T. Worrell, of Montserrada County, a gentleman of sterling integrity and high business reputation. Wise and beneficial reforms are looked for from the appointment of Mr. Worrell, secretary.

Notwithstanding this unprecedented action of a Liberian President, there is no fear entertained of any serious interference with the affairs’ of Government in consequence of Mr. Gardner’s retirement by voluntary resignation.

There is general peace among the native races, and most friendly relations between Liberia and foreign nations, and prosperity specially among the farming classes of the state, which is in majority.

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There is uniform acquiescence in Mr. Gardner’s act, on account of his infirmities and his age; he is nearly 70 years old.

Mr. Russell, late Vice-President, succeeds to the Presidency with the good feeling of the nation.

Liberia is on the eve of a political change. The election for President and Vice-President will be held in May next.

With unfeigned sentiments of highest consideration and esteem,

I am, &c.,

Minister Resident.