No. 364.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 577.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit, as herewith inclosed, a copy of a dispatch, with translation, dated the 25th ultimo, in which this legation is advised by Mr. Damier that by order of the President of Hayti of the 24th of last month the port of Jacmel has been put in a state of blockade.

* * * * * * *

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 577.]

Mr. Damier to Mr. Langston.

Mr. Minister: I have the honor to inform you that, by order of His Excellency the President of Hayti, of yesterday’s, date, the port of Jacmel has been put in a state of blockade.

You will be good enough, Mr. Minister, conformably to the provisions established by international law, to notify your Government thereof, and those of your citizens who have ships at this time in Hayti, in order that they cease all communication with the port of Jacmel, under pain of exposure to the ordinary consequences of the violation of the blockade.

The Government counts upon your loyalty and the relations of friendship that exist happily between your Government and Hayti to obtain from you, as regards your citizens, the positive stipulations and orders which the actual circumstances require, and which international law prescribes.

Please accept, &c.,

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.