No. 358.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 558.]

Sir: There has broken out at Jérémie a revolt against the Government, occurring within the last forty eight hours. The regular troops of the Government and the national guarte, the local military force of the city, were, at the time of its occurrence, absent at Miragoâne. These troops and guards have been ordered, with their commanding officers, back to Jérémie, and it is supposed by the President, with whom I have just spoken on the subject, that the revolt can and will be soon suppressed.

At Las Gaobas, a small city of the interior, a few days ago, a similar attempt, though not so grave, was made in revolt against the Government, but was at once suppressed.

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At Miragoâne, except that Bazelais and his companions attempted two days ago to make their way out of the city and were repulsed by the forces of the Government and driven back, things thereabout, according to the most reliable reports, remain substantially as they were at my last writing on the subject on the 20th instant.

It is now feared by reliable and discriminating persons, judges of Haytian character and popular tendencies here, from long and varied observation, that a protracted, vexatious and bloody revolutionary movement is now opening in the country. It is to be hoped otherwise.

Up to this hour the present administration seems to possess national favor generally, and to be strong and powerful, but no man can tell what a day may bring forth in Hayti.

I am, &c.,