No. 356.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 548.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit to the Department, as herewith inclosed, three copies of Le Moniteur of the 3d instant, containing in the first and second columns, as marked by me, certain statements with regard to the arrest and preliminary examination at Philadelphia, a few days ago, of the officers of the steamless Aug. C. Rand, master, charged with having violated the law in that behalf by transporting to Miragoâne, Hayti, munitions of war from the United States, and men, insurgents against this Government, from Inagua.

The promptness and decision with which our government has acted in this matter bring the greatest possible satisfaction to President Salomon and his administration. The President, in speaking to me yesterday of this action on our part, expressed in most cordial terms his profound pleasure in view of it. In its moral effects it strengthens his administration by increasing popular confidence in it, while it demonstrates the purpose of our Government to deal, as is its wont, with entire justice towards the Government and people of this country.

As yet the insurgents at Miragoâne have not been subdued. The city is still in their hands, and the Government is compelled to continue its efforts against them. In all parts of the country, however, general peace and good order prevail, and the Government seems to maintain its hold upon popular confidence and respect. This is a condition of things unknown heretofore in the history of Hayti, and discovers in an unmistakable manner the popularity of President Salomon.

I am, &c.,