No. 353.
Mr. Langston to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 544.]

Sir: So far, while the whole country remains quiet, and the Govenment is given amplest opportunity to deal with the insurgents at Miragoâne, little progress seems to have been made towards their dislodgment. Having selected for their operations against the Government a place naturally remarkably well fortified against attack, and being from all accounts unusually well armed with large and small arms and supplied with a considerable quantity of ammunition, though few in number, resolute and determined, the insurgents are making a formidable and vexatious resistance to the troops of the country.

The Government is said to have about Miragoâne, at present, engaged in the attack against Bazelais and his men, some three thousand Soldiers.

The friends of the present administration, while deploring the delay already had in connection with this affair, and the heavy daily outlay it occasions to the Government, predict its early close, with the complete and utter rout of the insurgents.

The present aspect of affairs in the country would seem to justify this opinion. The Government still seems to be strong.

I am, &c.,