No. 324.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Schuyler.

No. 5.]

Sir: Acknowledging the receipt of your No. 31 (Greek diplomatic series), of the 25th July, I have to say that several copies of the pamphlet to which you refer, viz, American Pork, &c., 1881,” published by this Department, will be sent you at once, under separate cover. This pamphlet was translated into French in 1881, at the American legation, Paris; and I trust that on written application to Minister Morton you may be able to procure a copy.

In response to your query as to the present status of the admission of American pork at European ports, I refer you to House Executive Document No. 209, Forty-seventh Congress, first session; and have to add that according to No. 333 (April 13, 1883) of Mr. Morton, the French exclusion of American pork (owing to the pressure of certain French packers, evidently) is still maintained. According to No. 41 of Mr. Heap (August 10, 1881), Turkey was at that time still disinclined to remove the prohibition there declared; and it seems that we have no later advices from Constantinople on the subject. A like attitude was maintained by Portugal as late as July 25, 1881, since which period the Department appears to be without further information in this regard.

The attitude of Switzerland, as respects the introduction there of our pork product, is no less intelligent than that of Belgium. (See pamphlet.) The latest report on the subject seems to be contained in dispatch No. 420 of Mr. Fish, dated July 15, 1881. It appears by No. 40 of Mr. Foster, of July 23 last, that Spain has not prohibited the importation of American pork, as reported, but has only ordered inspection. It is apparent from dispatch No. 106, of April 30, 1881, of our minister at Stockholm, and from No. 15, of April 28 last, of our diplomatic representative at Copenhagen, that our pork trade with Denmark and with Sweden and Norway will not easily be interrupted, and it is, doubtless, safe to say that our trade in pork with countries of Europe, aside from those named above (some of which exclude our pork and some of which do not), and Roumania, will continue as heretofore.

I am, &c.,