No. 299.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: With reference to Mr. Davis’s notes of the 7th and 10th ultimo, I have the honor to inclose copy of an approved report of a committee of the privy council of Canada relative to the stealing by Canadian Cree Indians of a number of horses on the Teton River, Montana.

I have, &c.,


Report of a committee of the privy council for Canada, approved by the Governor-General on the 14th of June, 1883.

The committee of the privy council have had under consideration a note dated 10th May, 1883, from the British minister at Washington, calling attention to his dispatch of the 8th of May relative to the stealing by Canadian Cree Indians from an [Page 508] American citizen, on the Teton River in the Territory of Montana, of a number of horses. The minister of the interior, to whom the note and dispatch in question were referred, stated that from a dispatch received from the Northwest he is under the impression that all the horses, with the exception of four, which were stolen at the Teton River have been recovered and returned to their owners, and that ten of the Indians who formed the raiding party are now in custody at Fort Walsh, waiting trial.

The committee advise that a copy of this minute, when approved, he transmitted to Her Majesty’s minister at Washington, for the information of the United States Government.

Cleric Privy Council, Canada.