No. 296.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: With reference to your note of the 19th ultimo, and to previou s correspondence on the subject, I have the honor to inclose to you extract [Page 503] of a letter from the Hon. E. Dewdney, lieutenant-governor of the Northwest Provinces, to the secretary of the Governor-General, respecting the incursions of the Piegan Indians.

I have, &c.,


Hon. E. Dewdney to Colonel de Winton.

Our Indians at Maple Creek are very slow to get off; they are now holding a sun dance. Piepot has just promised to start in five days.

They have all left the Walsh neighborhood, being afraid of the South Piegans, who are out in numerous small war parties trying to steal what few horses our Indians have left. Colonel Ilges, of Fort Assinniboine, has just sent word to our police that another war party is on its way to Walsh. Our Indians have no ammunition, and are much afraid of the Piegans. There is not much fear of our Indians crossing again.