No. 293.
Mr. Davis to Mr. West.

Sir: With reference to the note of this Department of the 17th ultimo to you concerning the raids of Canadian Indians in the northwestern Territories of this country, I now have the honor to inclose herewith [Page 501] for your information a copy of a report received by the War Department in relation to the capture of a party of British intruding Indians on the 14th ultimo, by the commanding officer at Fort Assinniboine.

Inviting your attention to the indorsement on the communication above mentioned, of the 20th ultimo, of the department commander, directing that the captured Indians should be conducted under escort to the line and sent across with the rifles and ponies they had, unless the thieves or stolen stock could be identified,

I have, &c.,

Acting Secretary.

Adjutant-General, Department of Dakota, Fort Snelling, Minn:

Commanding officer Assinniboine reports capture near there yesterday 69 Crees—16 men, balance women and children. Took from them 5 rifles, 19 horses, and asks orders as to them and property. I am not sure what action would be desired in this case. As to the property, Crees have lately stolen many horses from Indians this side of line and killed some cattle on the Marias. This does not appear distinctly a stealing party.

Commanding District.

Commanding Officer, District Montana, Helena, Mont.:

After considering your telegram of the 15th, the department commander thinks best under the circumstances to send the Crees under escort to the line, and send them across, with the few rifles and ponies they had, unless the thieves or stolen stock can be identified. Take action accordingly.

By order General Terry.

Assistant Adjutant-General.