No. 278.
Mr. West to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

Sir: Referring to your note of the 20th ultimo, I have the honor to inclose herewith for your information extract from a report of the committee of privy council for Canada, containing copy of a telegram sent by General MacDougall to Colonel Irvine, the commissioner of the northwest mounted police.

I have, &c.,


Extract from a report of a committee of the privy council for Canada.

The right honorable Sir John MacDonald, the first minister, to whom the dispatch and inclosures were referred, states that he has to-day sent the telegram here underwritten to Colonel Irvine, the commissioner of the northwest mounted police:

“United States Government have given notice of possible collision between their troops and some bands of American Indians in the Milk River country, and perhaps [Page 491] at our frontier. Police officer at Wood Mountain should he notified of this and put on his guard.”

The committee submit the above for your excellency’s approval, and they recommend that Her Majesty’s minister at Washington be informed accordingly.

Clerk of the Queen’s Privy Council, Canada.