No. 269.
Mr. Lowell to Mr. Frelinghuysen.


Mr. Lowell telegraphed to Mr Frelinghuysen, acknowledging receipt on the 12th of his telegram of the 11th, and stating that he immediately sent its substance to Lord Granville, who, on the 13th, acknowledged its reception, and stated that it had been referred to the proper authorities; that on the date of his telegram (the 15th) Mr. Lowell received the final decision in the following words:

Sir: With reference to my letter of the 13th instant, I have now the honor to state to you that the counsel for O’Donnell, having submitted such representations as he thought advisable on behalf of the prisoner, these representations and all the other circumstances of the case have been carefully examined and considered in the manner usual in the case of capital convictions, and Her Majesty’s Government find no grounds upon which they would be justified in advising the Crown to interefere with the sentence of the law or its execution.

I have, &c.,