No. 236.
Mr. Lowell to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 580.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 573, of the 30th ultimo, I have the honor to report that when I called upon Lord Granville, by appointment, at the foreign office, on the 2d instant, he put into my hands a number of letters illustrative and confirmatory of the statement of Lord Spencer, a copy of which was inclosed in the dispatch referred to above. These letters were addressed to certain State aided emigrants, and I cite those only relating to persons who have been ordered to be sent back as paupers, and whose names I find in a telegraphic dispatch to the Telegraph of July 3. These are Mary Brennan and her daughter, John and Mary Clifford, and John Sullivan. To Mary Brennan, her son Patrick writes from New York, March 16, 1883, promising a home and to meet her on her arrival. To John and Mary Clifford, a letter dated 533 West Twenty-sixth street, New York, April 26, 1883, from cousin Mary Rear-don, offers employment in her own house. A letter to Mary Sullivan, mother of John, from her daughter, Mary McSweeney, dated Cuba Falls, March 20, 1883, strongly encourages her to come, promising a home and to procure employment. All these letters are in the original covers, with stamps and post-marks, and there can be no doubt of their authenticity.

I have, &c.,