No. 120.
Mr. Davis to Mr. Morton.

No. 174.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 225, of the 19th ultimo, transmitting a copy of a note received by you from the French minister of foreign affairs in relation to the conference for the protection of submarine cables, which is to meet at Paris on the 16th instant, has been received.

In view of the importance of the subject which the proposed conference is to consider, the President has decided to request you to attend the same as the representative of this Government. A full power authorizing you to act in the premises will be forwarded to you by the next mail to Paris. In view of the fact, however, that circumstances rendered it impossible to give you full preliminary instructions on the subject, it is desired that before signing any convention which may be formulated by the conference, the same may be submitted to this Department for consideration.

You will also feel yourself at liberty to ask special instructions, if you deem it necessary during the progress of the negotiations.

I am, &c.,

Acting Secretary.

[Mr. Vignaud was authorized to act as Mr. Morton’s colleague.]