No. 116.
Mr. Ryder to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 7.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the 14th ultimo I received information that it was intended to send, on the following day at 11 a.m., a certain criminal, Mads Jensen, alias Jörgensen, to the United States of America. There being no time to apply to the foreign office I wrote a letter to the chief of police, and the party in question was prevented from leaving Copenhagen.

I subsequently called on the minister for foreign affairs, to whom the matter had been referred, and requested that Jensen, alias Jörgensen, be returned by the police to the parties at Oldrup, Jutland, the place from whence he had been “forwarded,” which was complied with. At my interview with the foreign minister I was asked for an interpretation of section 5 of an act of Congress of March 3, 1875. I replied that it was not in my province to construe acts of Congress or give an interpretation of such acts, that being a question reserved for the courts of the United States in the event of any question arising under it; that it was not desired that Danish convicts who had served out their terms should immigrate to the United States, and be assisted to leave this country, but it would be considered as a signal proof of regard from the Danish Government if such of its subjects were prevented from coming to America.

In disposing of this case in the way aforesaid, I am of opinion that much unnecessary correspondence has been avoided. I hope that my action will meet the approval of the Department.

I am, &c.,

United States Chargé ad interim.