No. 88.
Mr. Nicholas Fish to Mr. Fish.

No. 502.]

Sir: Count Harry Von Arnim has been tried by the Staats Gerichtshof for treason and for calumniating the Emperor and Prince Bismarck, and sentenced to five years’ penal servitude. The basis of the charges against Count Arnim was the publication of the pamphlet Pro Nihilo. The count did not appear in person, but through counsel denied all connection with its publication. His counsel also took exception to the jurisdiction of the court, on the ground that Prussian tribunals cannot take cognizance of a charge of high treason against the empire. These pleas were of no avail, and the witnesses for the defense were unable to convince the court that the very strong testimony produced by the prosecution against the count was incorrect.

From the sentence of the court there is no appeal to a higher tribunal, and it is therefore probable that the sentence will amount to one of banishment for life, as it is not likely that while it hangs over him Count Arnim will return to Germany.

I have, &c.,