No. 85.
Mr. Nicholas Fish to Mr. Fish.

No. 483.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy and translation of a correspondence between Count Ledochowski and Pastor Brenk. The [Page 164] Archbishop thus seeks to set the Prussian laws at defiance and to exercise his jurisdiction within the territory of Prussia.

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I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 483.—Translation.]

Letter of Archbishop Ledochowski to Pastor Brenk, July 8, 1876, and Pastor Brenk’s reply.

[Extract from Norddeutsche Allegemeine Zeitung, Berlin, 13 September, 1876.]

The Reichs and Staats-Anzeiger writes: After the former archbishop of Posen and Gnesen-Count von Ledochowski had been deposed from his office by judgment and law, had informed the clergy of the archbishoprics, by an address dated from Rome in March last, “that he had resumed the active exercise of the episcopal authority in his two archbishoprics,” he has also, in violation of the existing laws of the state, acted in accordance with his words. Under date of July 8 last, he has addressed to Pastor Brenk, at Piaski, the following letter:

Beloved Son: The afflicting intelligence has reached us that you have, to the great scandal of the faithful, openly recognized the sacrilegious politico-ecclesiastical laws enacted in recent years by the Prussian government for the overthrow of the Church of Christ our Master, although it could not have been unknown to you that laws of that nature were condemned from time to time, not only by us and all rulers of the church in Prussia, but also by the Holy Father in Rome, the Pope himself, on the 5th February, 1875. Therefore, that we may not seem by our silence to approve your evil action, we admonish you once by this present letter, and this canonical admonition is equivalent to three, that you make reparation within ninety days, reckoned from the date of this letter, for the scandal you have raised; that you retract in writing, in the presence of your deacon and two witnesses, the recognition given by you to the said laws, which writing will be sent to us by you, and that you will conduct yourself from now on as is becoming a Catholic priest and minister of Christ. On the other hand, should the above-mentioned period of ninety days pass away without such result, know then that, ipso facto, and without further notice, you are suspended from your office until you come to repentance and make proper reparation. Should you, however, not repent, and do not reform, as we exhort you in the Lord and beseech you through humble prayer to God, we shall be forced to proceed against you with severe punishment.

“Done at Rome 8th July, 1876.

Archbishop of Gnesen and Posen.

“Rev. D. Julius Brenk,
Pastor in Piaski, Archbishopric Posen.”

Pastor Brenk has addressed a written answer to Count Ledochowski in Latin, which, according to the exhibition of it made by Pastor Brenk to the state government, runs as follows in translation:

Eminence: I received your letter of admonition in Piaski, on the 8th of July last, and I have referred the same, as was right and proper, to the high royal government for its consideration.