No. 8.
Mr. Osborn to Mr. Fish.

No. 111.]

Sir: This legation was thrown open at 2 p.m. on the 4th instant for reception in honor of the first centennial anniversary of the independence of our country. A few moments after the hour named, President Avellaneda arrived, accompanied by all the ministers of his cabinet, the justices of the supreme court of the republic, with many senators and deputies of the National Congress.

Soon after receiving the governor and officials of the province of Buenos Ayres—the diplomatic and consular corps in full costume— was informed that a large procession headed by the press of the city was moving from the grand plaza to this legation to pay their respects, and soon more than five thousand people gathered, with four brass bands of music, in front of the legation.

Late in the evening of the 3d instant I received a note from the governor of the province conveying the congratulations of the chamber of deputies in honor of our centennial anniversary and the joint resolutions of both houses of the provincial government declaring the 4th a feast-day throughout the province.

The United States war-vessel Frolic, Captain Kirkland commanding, arrived in this port from Montevideo on the evening of the 3d instant. At 12 m. on the 4th, Captain Kirkland fired a salute of twenty-one guns, dressed ship, and then with his officers in full uniform reported to this legation.

The National Congress, after dispatching congratulations to the Congress of the United States, adjourned.

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Throughout the city business was entirely suspended during the day. The plazas and streets were beautifully decorated with United States and Argentine flags, and at night the public plazas and public, and many private, buildings were illuminated. In fact it caused an American to feel that he was in old Boston.

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I am, &c.,