No. 73.
Mr. Washhurne to Mr. Fish.

No. 1348.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your dispatch No. 818, informing me that the “Universal Israelite Alliance” had conveyed to the President its congratulations on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration, and requesting me to express to that association, through its chairman, Mr. Crémieux, the thanks of the President for the sentiments of sympathy contained in that communication.

In compliance with that request, I have addressed to Mr. Crémieux a letter in French, of which a copy is herewith inclosed.

I have, &c.,


Sir: The President of the United States has received the congratulatory letter addressed to him by the central committee of the Israelitic Alliance on the occasion of the Centennial of our independence, and I am instructed to thank you for the same.

The President has been touched by the sentiments expressed in that letter; he has been particularly gratified to learn that the progress made by the Israelites in the United States and the prosperity which they there enjoy are considered as an evidence of political liberty, of religious toleration, and of that real equality which is, among us, the privilege of every one.

The President entertains the hope that, during the second century of our history, the same liberty, the same toleration, the same equality, with all the beneficent consequences resulting therefrom, will become the lot of your coreligionists throughout the world.

In your capacity as chairman of the Israelitic committee, be pleased, sir, to be the-interpreter of these sentiments to your colleagues, and to accept, together with the expression of my sympathy with that cause of liberty and toleration of which you are so zealous and illustrious an advocate, the assurance of the high esteem with which your character inspires me, as likewise my cordial salutations.

    Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States in France
  • Mr. Adolphe Crémieux,
    Senator, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Israelitic Alliance.