No. 62.
Mr. Wullweber to Mr. Fish.

No. 50.]

Sir: I hasten to inform the Department of State that news has just reached us from Guayaquil of the outbreak in that city and vicinity of a revolution of formidable dimensions. According to the reports received here at the capital, General Ignacio Veintemilla was, on the 8th instant, proclaimed at Guayaquil supreme chief of the republic and captain-general of the army. This same General Veintemilla was, a few months ago, appointed by the Ecuadorian government commander of the military forces of the Guayaquil district, and sent down to Guayaquil for the very purpose of maintaining the order and peace in that disaffected part of the country. The government placed at his disposal all the available forces not absolutely needed at the capital, and seems to have had implicit confidence in his loyalty. It is stated that the troops under General Veintemilla, as well as the populace along the coast are in accord and sympathy with this revolutionary movement, and the condition of the government may be considered as perilous and critical. Quito presents a picture of excitement and consternation; the President just now issued his proclamation calling upon the soldiers and citizens to come forth in defense of the imperiled country. The roads on the plains leading from Guayaquil to the capital are in the hands of the insurgents. No official reports have as yet reached me from our vice-consul at Guayaquil; mail communication is interrupted; and, in transmitting this dispatch, I avail myself of the kindness of the Colombian minister resident, who, being obliged to send an express-messenger to Guayaquil, offered me his services.

* * * * * * * * *

With profound respect, &c.,