No. 6.
Mr. Osborn to Mr. Fish.

No. 93.]

Sir: In an interview this afternoon with Dr. Iregoyen, minister for foreign affairs, he informed me that a treaty had just been concluded between the Argentine Republic, Paraguay, and Brazil on the following basis: All the Grand Chaco (the territory west of the Paraguay River) as far north as the mouth of the Pelcomayo River is declared to belong to the Argentine government. That portion of the Grand Chaco from Rio Verde northward is given to Paraguay.

* * * * * * *

Both the Argentine and Brazilian governments are to evacuate Asuncion, Villa Occidental, and all disputed territory, before June, 1876.

The island of Cerrito is conceded to the Argentine Republic, but cannot be fortified in time of peace.

The minister intimated to me that the result of the conference was yet a secret, as the protocol has not yet been signed, but would be this evening.

I think there is no doubt that Paraguay will ratify, as Dr. Iregoyen intimated to me that the Paraguayan minister acted under special instructions from his government, and that they covered all the articles agreed upon.

I am, &c.,