No. 300.
Mr. Andrews to Mr. Fish.

No. 351.]

Sir: In my No. 314, of December 28, I had the honor to report the success of Professor Nordensbjöld’s voyage through the Kara Sea to the Yenisei River. I have now to state that this learned and enterprising gentleman, after serving as a juryman at our Centennial Exhibition, returned in season to make another voyage to the Yenisei, where he arrived August 15. The goods which his vessel took as a venture were stored at Karopowskoj, the most northerly settlement on the Yenisei which is visited by the river steamboats. Having waited in vain sixteen days for Dr. Theêl’s overland party, Professor Nordensbjöld started back the 2d instant and reached Haminerfest, Norway, the 18th [Page 553] instant. The Kara Sea when he crossed it, between the 2d and 7th instant, was almost free of ice. He reports to the patron of the enterprise, Oscar Dickson, esq., that he believes some useful scientific results have been accomplished.

With reference to Dr. Théel’s party, I would state that it left here early last spring. The latest information from him is a published letter dated Turuchansk, July 16, when he was proceeding in a boat down the Yenisei, and hoping to reach Dudinskoj July 25. His party was being accompanied and assisted by an intelligent Russian who had been politely detailed for the purpose by the Russian government, and at the latter’s cost.

The Norwegian government exploration of the depth, temperature, &c., of the sea between Bergen and Iceland, and for the purpose among others of ascertaining the course of the fish, and under Professors Sars and Mohn and Dr. Danielsen, Captain Wille commanding the vessel, has been successful. The Storthing appropriated 80,000 crowns to be expended for this object the past summer, and agreed to appropriate what may be necessary to continue the explorations three seasons. Their results will be very valuable to science.

I am, &c.,