No. 221.
Mr. Richardson to Mr. Fish.

No. 442.]

Sir: On the 31st ultimo the President of this republic removed several members of his cabinet and made the following new appointments: Manuel Romero Rubio, minister of foreign affairs; Mariano Escobedo, minister of war and marine; Juan José Baz, minister of the interior; and Antonio Tagle, minister of public works. I inclose herewith a translation of the official notification which I received of these changes, and also a clipping from the Two Republics of the 6th instant, giving a personal sketch of the new appointees.

This action of the President has thrown the community into a high state of excitement. The oppositionists, particularly, are disgusted, and their organs have been filled for the past few days with inflammatory and threatening articles. The removal of General Ignacio Mejia from the war department weakens the expectations of the revolutionists of carrying the army with them after the 30th of next November, and renders necessary new tactics and combinations.

Among the friends of the administration the measure is considered a wise one; but that it is bold and somewhat risky they do not pretend to deny.

Public feeling at present is one of suppressed excitement, both parties waiting anxiously for the crisis which is approaching. The President’s term expires on the 30th of next November, and if in the meantime he [Page 412] is declared legally elected and attempts to enter upon his new term of office, it is believed the revolution will break out again with more fury than ever. That Mr. Lerdo will be declared legally elected there is no doubt, and the main efforts of the revolutionists are now directed toward collecting evidence which will prove to the people the illegality of the elections in spite of the declarations of the electoral college.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 442.]

Mr. Arias to Mr. Richardson.


Sir: The President of the republic has considered it proper to appoint Mr. Manuel Romero Rubio, minister of foreign affairs; the general of division, Mariano Escobedo, minister of war and marine; Mr. Juan José Baz, minister of the interior; and Mr. Antonio Tagle, minister of public works, which gentlemen have to-day entered upon the exercise of their duties. In communicating these facts to your honor for your information, I have the honor to reiterate to you the assurances of my distinguished consideration.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 442.]

The new ministers.

Minister of foreign relations.—Sr. D. Manuel Romero Rubio is a gentleman of fine talents and of considerable political experience. He has served many years in Congress, and was always an able leader. At the time of his appointment in the cabinet he was president of the senate. His talents and business abilities qualify him for an efficient minister of the department under his charge. Where he will lack experience in the routine, he will find able co-operation in the experience and diplomatical erudition of Sr. D. Juan D. Arias, the worthy and experienced official mayor of that department.

Minister of war.—General Mariano Escobedo is a skillful and experienced officer. Rendered valuable services previous to, and became distinguished during the war of the intervention; and is justly called “the vanquisher of Maximilian.” During the attempted revolutions against President Juarez, and the one which is now on its wane, he was an active pacificator of the interior and in the north; he handled the few troops which were at his command, over a large extent of country, with great skill and success; and proved himself to be an excellent organizer under the most depressed circumstances of limited materials and resources. He is undoubtedly well qualified for the important position to which he has been called.

Minister of the treasury.—Sr. D. Francisco Mejia has served several years in the treasury department, and has contributed to the thorough re-organization of the customhouse, producing an efficiency, promptness, and honesty in the discharge of the business of those establishments—a reformation which was greatly needed, and a work which Mr. Romero, his able predecessor, had inaugurated. He was an original Juarista, and was first appointed to the treasury department by President Juarez. Sr. Mejia has proved himself to be an able financier and custodian of the treasury, and has earned a high reputation as a minister of finance.

Minister of the interior.—Sr. D. Juan José Baz has been a prominent politician for many years, and adhered to Juarez until the death of that distinguished patriot; but has given a warm support to President Lerdo, from his advent to the executive chair. He entered the capital with the advance of the republican army, after the downfall of Maximilian, with a commission from President Juarez, as governor of the federal district, which post he filled with great ability, and at a time when a firm and active governor was greatly needed. Sr. Baz is a man of great activity and firmness, and is well suited to the ministry which he fills. He was a member of Congress many years.

[Page 413]

Minister of public works.—Sr. D. Antonio Tagle has been governor of the State of Hidalgo, and was at the time of his appointment a member of the senate from that State. He is considerable of a politician and an influential leader in the upper house. As governor, he was active, vigilant, the protector of industry, and inaugurator of numerous enterprises.

Hidalgo is the most important field of mining, and Sr. Tagle is fully alive to its importance, is familiar with the requirements of that branch of industry; and as this is one of the most important departments of this ministry, he is peculiarly fitted for the position.

Upon the whole, the new cabinet is excellent, and the country has much to hope from their co-operation with President Lerdo.

change of ministry.

On the 31st ultimo the cabinet was re-organized as follows: Foreign relations, Mr. Manuel Romero Rubio; war, General Mariano Escobedo; interior, Mr. Juan José Baz; public works, Mr. Antonio Tagle; treasury, Mr. Francisco Mejia, (continued;) justice and public instruction, (vacant,) in charge of Mr. Diaz Covarrubias, the official mayor.