No. 205.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Fish.

No. 347.]

Sir: In my dispatch No. 293, of May 25 last, I gave an account of the application of the Executive to Congress to have conferred upon it “extraordinary faculties” in the departments of war and the treasury; and in my dispatch No. 298, of June 5 following, reported the action of Congress conferring these powers upon the President.

By the terms of the law, the “extraordinary faculties” were to expire within one month after the opening of the new Congress on the 16th of September last. These powers have been again conferred upon the Executive until one month after the next session of Congress by an almost unanimous vote of the Chamber of Deputies, and on the 27th ultimo by a vote in the Senate of 28 to 12, after a very spirited opposition.

Thus far it is to be noted that the President has made very little use of the “extraordinary faculties,” and especially not in a very arbitrary manner; and the friends of the measure claim that its good effect is not so much in its exercise as the fear which its possession by the President inspires among conspirators and revolutionists.

I am, &c.,