No. 193.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Fish.

No. 355.]

Sir: It is gratifying to be able to say that a treaty of peace and commerce has been concluded between Japan and Corea without further conflict.

On the 2d instant His Imperial Japanese Majesty’s vice-minister for foreign affairs, Mr. Sameshima, acquainted me of this by a private note, which he concludes by saying: “Mr. Kweoda reached Simonoseki yesterday, and telegraphed this news to us, at which I know you will rejoice as much as any of us in Japan.”

On the 4th instant, in an interview with Mr. Terashima, I took occasion to say that I congratulated his government upon the result of the mission to Corea, and received from him assurance that, as soon as possible, I should be furnished the text of the treaty for transmission to the Department.

I understand that by the treaty three ports are to be opened to the commerce of Japan in Corea, and that Japan and Corea will hereafter be represented by diplomatic agents at their respective courts. Of the further details of the treaty I am not advised.

The peaceful solution of the difficulties between this government and Corea is especially satisfactory to me, in view of the opinions expressed by me to Mr. Terashima in reply to his inquiries touching the sending of a commission to Corea by this government, as communicated to you in my No. 306, of the 13th of December last.

I have, &c.,