No. 183.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Fish.

No. 303.]

Sir: On the 29th ultimo, I was present by invitation at the inauguration by Her Majesty, the Empress of Japan, of a normal school for the education of Japanese girls. The edifice for this school is a large and elegant structure recently erected in this city.

On the occasion referred to Her Majesty, the Empress, attended by His Excellency Mr. Sanjo, prime minister of the empire, His Excellency Mr. Okubo, minister of the interior, also by officers of the imperial household, and in the presence of many persons, including about eighty pupils of the school, read an address in the Japanese language, a translation of which, as published in the Japan Daily Herald of the 1st instant, I have the honor to inclose.

I also inclose the congratulatory addresses of the superintendent of the school, Mr. Nakamura Massanawo, and of Mr. Tanaka, vice minister of education, as published in the Japan Weekly Mail of the 4th instant.

The establishment of this institution, at the instance and largely by patronage, as I am advised, of Her Majesty, may be considered an event of great significance in the East, and, if maintained, will doubtless contribute most effectively to the moral and intellectual elevation of the women of this empire.

By this beneficent action Her Majesty has acquired an additional title to the respect of mankind and the gratitude of her people.

I have, &c.,

[Extract from the Japan Daily Herald.]

Address of Her Majesty the Empress at the opening of the Tokei normal school.

My joy was very great last year on learning the decision for the establishment of an institution of this nature. To-day the wish that I have so often expressed has been, realized. The building is finished, and the opening has taken place. I venture to hope that this great event will be the epoch of a new source of happiness for the entire empire.