No. 17.
Mr. Reynolds to Mr. Fish.

No. 125.]

Sir: I have the honor to report since my return to La Paz that I find the condition of public affairs substantially the same as reported in my dispatch June 30, (No. 123.)

General H. Daza is still in the interior, and reported to be on his way to Oruro, where he will remain one week and then return to La Paz, via Corocoro, about the 20th September.

No ministers of finance, war, or foreign affairs have been announced as yet, and the government is still administered by the military authority, as reported in my dispatch of June 30, referred to. There appears to be no opposition, whatever, to the authority of General Daza as President of Bolivia, and general peace prevails throughout the republic. Private property is respected and personal liberty is enjoyed by all, with the exception of the late President, Thomas Frias, who is now in Arequipa, Peru, an exile from Bolivia.

The announcement of a new ministry is promised by General Daza upon his return to La Paz, of which the Department will be duly notified when it transpires.

I am, &c.,