No. 385.
General Sickles to Mr. Fish.

[Telegram.—Rec’d Feb. 13—9.50 p.m.]

Midnight. By authority of Cortes the executive government is constituted as follows:

  • President, Estanislao Figueras.
  • Secretary of state, Castelar.
  • Secretary of war, General Cordova.
  • Secretary of navy, Beranger.
  • Secretary of interior, Pi Margall.
  • Secretary of treasury, Echegaray.
  • Grace and justice, Nicolas Salmeron.
  • Public works, Becerra.
  • Colonies, Francisco Salmeron.
  • Four of these have heretofore been prominent republicans. Four were members of late cabinet, and the present colonial minister was vice-president of chamber of deputies.
  • Martos declined office.
  • Tranquillity perfect.