No. 378.
General Sickles to Mr. Fish.

No. 523.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the publication of the royal order of December 26, 1872, a copy and translation of which are herewith appended, I pointed out to the minister of state, and subsequently, at his [Page 887] suggestion, to the minister of Ultramar, the vexatious and objectionable clauses in the new customs regulations for Cuba. The colonial secretary-promised to consider my suggestions. I asked if the representations in my note of November 27, 1872, had been considered. The minister assured me they had not been overlooked; that, on the contrary, a communication had been sent to the Intendente, embodying several of the reforms suggested, the purport of which would be made, known to me.

On the 15th instant I received the note from the minister of state dated 2d instant, a translation of which is annexed. (Appendix C.)

Not regarding the action taken by His Majesty’s government as likely to be satisfactory to the President, I have made further representations to the minister of state on this subject, which I hope may be approved. They will be found in a copy of a note addressed to the minister, under date of January 27, herewith inclosed and marked Appendix D.

I am, &c.,


[For the inclosures above referred to, see inclosures, to No. 610, from General Sickles, post, p. 990 to p. 995.]